My coverage doesn’t start for another month, but I just had a positive pregnancy test

I was originally working part-time at my current job but just recently moved to officially full-time. With that, I was eligible to sign up for my employer’s health insurance coverage. I submitted my paperwork to them on Tuesday 4/16, but I just had 2 positive pregnancy tests this Wednesday evening 4/17. My coverage won’t officially start until June 1st. I’ve had some issues in the past with abdominal adhesions that required surgery in 2021 and at that point, my surgeon told me this may affect my fertility as the adhesions had caused scar tissue to form on my tubes. My boyfriend and I are incredibly excited about the possibility of having a baby, especially with my previous issues, but Im so anxious to get to the doctor now to make sure everything is starting out okay. I don’t know if I can wait until June, or if that is even a smart idea, considering I should be about 6 weeks pregnant based on my last period. What should I do?

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