(California) Medi-cal / covered CA / Sharp mess

Until I get to speak to someone who can hopefully fix this mess, I would like to know the odds that it could indeed be fixed?

I was on Medi-Cal since the pandemic as I was pregnant and lost my job. During the pandemic and until the end of 2023, Medi-cal did not update people’s income as a gesture to help people get back on their feet (they told me that, and told me not to update my income until they ask me to). I did get a new job and my income varies, but annually my MAGI was about $58,000 (after 401k deduction) in 2023. I also had a second job that I quit in October and was only about $40 a month. I updated Medi-Cal about the end of job 2 and my estimated income for job 1. Sometimes a paycheck is gross $2700 sometimes it’s $1800. And again, they should only look at my income after my 401k deduction which is 10%. My last update was in December then nothing until Mid February when they informed me I no longer qualified for medical-cal but my children did. It appears she had calculated my income wrong but since I expected to be off medical and my kids still on it, I didn’t think anything of it. I went on covered California and updated my income there.

I was relieved to finally be able to pick a different health plan. I was a bit stressed on only having a few days to find a new PCP since I have medications that need refilled monthly, but I figured it out. I went on covered California, updated my income to estimated $61,000 a year (I picked “my income varies, and turns out my income will be lower actually), again removed job 2 that I had already removed 3 times, and uploaded my most recent paystub. I picked Sharp Silver 73 and my premium was $219 with no deductible. I paid for March on March 01 and then for April at the end of March, via autopay.

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Fast forward to last week, I got a letter from covered California stating my annual income was $72,500 and I was switched to Silver 70 with a premium of $380, starting April 1. The letter was dated March 29. I logged into my sharp account and was shocked to see a bill of $980, that includes $380 for the month of April (that I already paid with $219), $380 for May and $219 for May!!

I went onto covered California and updated my income this time to $59,000 with proof with my last paystub, and my premium went down to $179 starting May, but eligibility starting March 1.

I contacted Sharp and they said nothing to do with them please contact covered CA. They could see the new plan in their system.

I contacted covered CA and they said the county changed my income on 02/28 but no one contacted me about this. I went on my county account and it says nothing about an update.

So now… will they be able to retroactively change what I owe? My meds aren’t even covered by my plan… also, why is Sharp charging me twice for two different plans at the same time?

What happens about the bill since I can’t pay it?

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