My health premiums went up, am debating changing HC company providers

If I am currently uninsured (working part time without benefits and did not secure ACA health insurance during open enrollment) and I need to have surgery before open enrollment next year, can I quit my part time job to join another with benefits to gain health insurance? Do I need to wait til 2023?

Im in my late twenties, I buy my HC through each year, and live in Houston, very healthy.

I used Oscar for about 2 years which averaged around 200 bucks a month for their catastrophic plans (these are fine for us as we have more than enough to cover the out of pocket max and deductible). I personally havent had any complaints about Oscar, as they covered my covid tests, no fuss with the primary care doc, and I did go to the emergency room last year for a CT scan for abdominal pain and they covered all but 1K of it (30K total) – not sure why as I had not met my deductible

Anyway this year they have jumped to $306/monthly for the same plan, and for a few dollars less I am getting United or Aetna. Those plans are also offering free 24/7 telehealth which has helped for minor things like a stomach bug or the flu.

I personally dont know if Im hurting myself leaving oscar for the other companies, is there something I am missing- or are all companies more or less the same, as long as they are through

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