My meds went from Tier 1 to Tier 3??

One of my medications (Vyvanse) recently had generic versions approved. Last month, the generic was Tier 1, and this month, it’s Tier 3, which increased its price by $40. It’s actually cheaper for me to get the brand name & use the manufacturer’s savings card, as I have for years before the generics came out, but the savings card is only good until the end of this year.

I was excited about the generic form coming out, hoping to save some money, but it looks like it’ll actually increase the price for me. Right now it’s $65 with insurance, and the savings card takes it down to $30. The generic is $55 and the person I spoke to on the phone said it doesn’t even matter what pharmacy I go to, it’ll always be $55 because it’s based on the name of the medication rather than the actual cost from the manufacturer.

…Is this just something that happens? Is there anything at all I can do about it? I’m so sad, I just want to be able to afford for my brain to work correctly

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