My works open enrollment began this month. I lose my medicaid in April. Unsure how to navigate

So I've been on Illinois medicaid for a long time. Longer than normal. I have a medical disability that's kept me on it for awhile. But once I started making more I got switched to Medicare, but then got switched off of that right before covid.

At the time Illinois medicaid had me on some sort of spend down program. I tried to apply for the Health Benefits for works with Disability thing that they had, but every time I did they just put me on the spendown program (which is severely dumb. You need to spend like 3k a month to keep it).

I've tried talking to my work places insurance about my care. And they've been less then helpful. They can never tell me if my medicine will be covered or how much it'll cost because "it's specialty medicine."

I'm honestly worried about switching to my works insurance, and if I should be doing it now or trying to see if they can put me on in April when I lose the Illinois medicaid.

I hate health insurance and hate how scarey it is. I'm worried about how the costs of my medicine will make me broke (when medicaid sends me the invoice for how much the stuff costs it says upwards of 800k a month before they negotiate and such). I'm worried cause I have to get it through my doctor's pharmacy and how most.places don't carry it.

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