I’m in the daunting process of comparing health insurance plans for 2024. Health insurance is the bane of my existence. The majority of my life consists of fighting on the phone with insurance agents and crying myself to sleep due to the cost of being chronically ill in the US.

I’m 43 and unemployed due to various reasons I won’t go into. My husband works for the state, so he makes a shi* salary even with a master’s degree. Yes, he gets health insurance, but if he adds me it goes from $100/mo to $900/mo, and the plan is awful for someone with multiple health issues. More than half his salary would go to my medical bills if we went this route.

When I compare plans on the Marketplace, my mind goes into fight or flight mode. I feel like I need a PhD in health insurance in order to not screw myself and end up stuck with a plan I hate, BUT is there such thing as a perfect plan if you have various illnesses, take countless medications, and use multiple medical supplies?

I’ve tried calling the NC Marketplace, but the reps get overwhelmed by my questions and end up not having an answer or flat out hanging up on me. I REALLY wish I had a video of how often this happens.

Anyway, I’m on here in hopes of getting all or some of my questions answered. I can’t imagine I’m the only one that is dealing with massive anxiety when it comes to this.


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Does anyone in NC with type 1 diabetes “like” their Marketplace plan? (Which plan? I’d ideally like a plan that covers Omnipod and Dexcom. When I say cover, I mean it’s under $100/mo. I really wish the term “cover” would change.)

Is there a way to tell how much a medication/supply will be before AND after the deductible is met, BEFORE you sign up for plan? (Specific meds don’t always show up in ‘ADD Drugs’ on Marketplace website, and/or the reps don’t have an answer, the insurance company won’t give answers unless you’re a member 🫠🤮)

If your deductible is $750 and your OOPM is $7500, and you end up in the emergency room in January with a $12,000 bill, does that mean everything for the rest of the year is 100% covered? What if you can’t pay the $12,000 all at once, will that total still go towards the deductible and OOPM?

I do have a million other questions, but I don’t feel like typing them all out. If you consider yourself an expert on this matter, PLEASE feel free to message me with advice. I’d be forever grateful!

Thanks so much…✌️