NC State Employee Mental Health Help

Hi there, I'm hoping someone can give me a little insight or guidance.

My partner is a state employee for North Carolina. They got on a call with their therapist (who they have been seeing for ~10 years) and the therapist informed them that the state health plan was no longer supporting virtual visits in any way. Neither my partner nor the therapist had been informed of this ahead of time. They have already had multiple sessions this year and the therapist was only just told today why the billing wasn't going through.

They still allow virtual doctors visits, virtual dentist visits, and seemingly virtual visits for EVERYTHING except mental health. The therapist doesn't even have an office, as she went completely virtual over the pandemic (as I imagine many therapists did). It seems completely absurd that virtual dentist visits are covered but mental health appointments aren't.

Does anyone have any resources or thoughts that may help? Is it possible to cancel state employee health insurance and get marketplace insurance instead when you've already signed up for the year?

Any insight is greatly appreciated, insurance is very confusing and stressful!

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