One of my oldest friends is going through a rough patch (TL;DR extremely toxic parent he needs to stop living with) and may need to get his own insurance for a time. Of our friends, I’m the only one who is living on my own and completely independent, so he’s come to me for advice on managing finances and making the adjustment.

I transferred straight from my parent's insurance to my employer’s, so acquiring my own insurance isn't really something I have experience doing. I don't think he qualifies for Medicaid in his state (FL) even with just his server’s pay, but his physical health is pretty much flawless insofar as pre-existing conditions and risk factors go.

He is inquiring after a second job that might provide health insurance, but it’s not a sure bet. Could anyone who has experience in dealing with this process let me know so I can advise my buddy on what he can expect/where to start?

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