I posted here not too long ago asking about health insurance suggestions. I applied on healthcare.gov and had two plans that would’ve worked great.

I went back to insure my information was correct since I’d filled it out in haste thinking I’d be able to go back and correct it. Not the best idea but I’d never applied there before and didn’t realize it submits all your info before letting you see what plans you qualify for.

The two plans I saw were perfect but I was afraid my info may have been slightly off. I’m not too sure what changed but suddenly I don’t qualify for the same plans. I went from having really good options that I could afford with tax credits that had very low deductibles, (one even having $0 deductible which I planned to go with) to suddenly all of them being at least $4000-4500 deductibles.

Out of curiosity I searched the plan ID for the one I’d screenshotted and wanted to select before. The plan that I was originally shown with a $0 deductible and $2600 out of pocket max is now a $4100 deductible and $7250 out of pocket max.

Idk how any of this stuff works. Idk what I did wrong but I’m worried again. I can barely afford to see doctors without insurance as is over minor issues. I’m not going to be able to afford paying at least $4000 before insurance kicks in. If I had that kind of money to be dropping I wouldn’t have postponed my cancer appointments for the past 6-8 months.

Anyways my main questions for anyone who understands this stuff better than me: Wtf did I do? Why do I no longer have low deductibles? And is there any way to fix it and get my original plans back?

My best guess is my estimates for next year changed bc I genuinely have no clue what I’ll be making, but I’m not certain if thats the problem.

Any feedback would be appreciated