Need help deciding between HSA vs PPO plan for family. Wife (dependent) giving birth in 2 weeks to child (dependent).

I had great insurance with my workplace last year (low premium, 0% coinsurance, low deductible, etc) but this year they've changed things up and I'm now wondering what I should choose.


Me working. Wife SAHM. Child pending in 2 weeks Open enrollment this week and due next wednesday Company is not contributing anything to the HSA Category HSA PPO Deductible Individual $5500 $500 Deductible Family $11000 $1000 Coinsurance 0% *After deductible 10% OOP Max Individual $6500 $3500 OOP Max Family $13000 $7000 Copay $0 *After deductible $20 pcp / $20 specialist / $50 urgent Inpatient 0% *After deductible 10% *After deductible Premiums (Employee + Family) $125 $675

Some calculations I've ran

Category HSA (month) PPO (month) HSA (year) PPO (year) Premium (All) $125 $675 $1,515 $8,098 Premium + Deductible (Individual) $5,625 $1,175 $7,015 $8,597 Premium + Deductible (Family) $11,126 $1,675 $12,515 $9,097 Premium + OOP Max (Individual) – – $8,015 $11,597 Premium + OOP Max (Family) – – $14,515 $15,097


Which of the above numbers are the 'important' ones?

I know yearly premium is massively larger for the PPO But the Premium + Max seems to be lower for the PPO

Am I correct to focus purely on the 'family' deductibles and OOPs?

I cannot predict the future but we have no complications.

However, my wife likes going to the doctor and my child will go a lot obviously. I typically only go if something is 'wrong' or 1 yearly checkup.

What sorts of 'behaviors' do I need to engage in (e.g. take the savings from the HSA plan and save that in the HSA?)?

Thanks for everyone's help.

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