I’m 19, uninsured, and going through a rough patch right now.

Previously diagnosed with cancer (nodular melanoma), absolutely need health insurance soon. I’ve gone almost the past year without any appointments and have reason to believe it may have come back

I haven’t had a very stable housing situation nor financial situation recently. Have been moving and job hopping frequently. Plan to switch jobs again soon bc of driving distance (moved again a few weeks ago, plan to actually settle here for now however), so idk if i can get insurance through them.

I really don’t know if I can afford $300+/m which is about the lowest I can get with silver plans. I don’t know if bronze plans are worth it since I plan on seeing doctors and specialists again soon.

I make $14/h rn, about 30-35h/week. Typically bringing in about $1600/month. I also live in Florida and don’t qualify for anything like CHIP/medi/etc.

I honestly don’t know shit about health insurance. I’ve just been trying to survive. And idk how much longer I can put off the melanoma situation bc it absolutely will kill me if I let it get out of hand (which it could possibly be already). I’m lost and have no one to talk to about this, would appreciate any advice honestly