Network difference between silver and gold plans ?

Firstly, I'm so sorry for posting so much about my insurance troubles. This is just my first time doing all this and it's been very confusing for me :/ . I appreciate everyone's advice a lot btw!!! Secondly, like the title says, is there any difference in network between a BCBS(Michigan) silver vs gold premier ppo plan? Basically I've been trying to see if a surgeon I want is in network however the best I've gotten from BCBSM is " it's so unclear" . When I go to the BCBS find a Dr and put in the plan I want ( PREMIER PPO SILVER) it says my DR is in network. However when I go to BCBS Michigan website, it only says the surgeon is in network when I put in the PREMIER PPO GOLD EXTRA plan, but it If I select any other PPO plan it doesn't show the " in network" tag next to the surgeons information. At the same time it says any surgeon or services out side of Michigan that's non emergency is subject to out of network cost sharing, but I thought BCBS ppo's had a national network no?

There's much more stuff about in network is anyone in the " trust ppo network" , and that BCBSM has two networks in the plan I want, those being BCBS premier ppo network, and BCBSM national network ( this one is supposedly worse coverage).

Any insight on any of this would be greatly appreciated! I don't mean to be such a bother about this here I just genuinely don't know what to do hugs

Tldr; is there any difference in networks between premier silver PPO vs premier Gold PPO plans assuming everything else is equal?

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Edit: upon receiving the auto mod message below hers some info about myself. 22 y/o Southwest Michigan ( I don't feel comfortable giving my exact zip code sorry , but if need be I will :3 ) And I'll be making around 28,000 next year

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