I don’t know if this already had been done in this subreddit but just a quick guide to keep or maintain your free insurance (ONLY FOR NEW YORK STATE OF HEALTH INSURANCE). Random bullet points.

*If you already have a free insurance like Medicaid or essential plan, or your child has child health plus with no monthly payment.

*Try to always renew the application online or through a CAC/ASSISTOR (these are the ppl that works for a health insurance company, such as fidelis/healthfirst/United, etc), if you call to the marketplace (8553555777), the ppl working there have to ask you all the questions and their calls are being monitored so they cant help you or “cheat” for you so you can get a free insurance. By doing it online you have more flexibility when answering the questions in the application and cheat the application with no repercussion if follow the instructions I’m going to provide.

* If after you renew your insurance you move or need to change your address and your account is through the marketplace, ask SPECIFICALLY to just change the mailing address instead of the residency address. If you ask to just change the address in general, the ppl working in for NY state of health marketplace, will have to go trough all the questions again, and let’s say that since the time you renew the application there has been other changes like a raise in income, that will appear in the system and now you have to provide the new income and you might lose your free insurance.

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*At the end of the application (if done through phone call) they tell you that if there has been any changes to call back and report it, however NEVER do this if you think the change might affect in losing your insurance, this means, raise in income, removing someone from your account, changes in how you do taxes, any other income related things like receiving Social security benefits, retirement, dependent benefits, survivor benefits, etc, just wait until the next year when you have to renew to report this change.

*If you have children in the account and you see that your income is above around 30k a year, even if you don’t, put them as dependent when the question about how you do taxes come up, this will help you get a better eligibility (give you a best/lowcost/free insurance)

*The more ppl in the account the better if they don’t have any income, this means, if you are alone in the account and you make higher than 25k you are probably not getting a free insurance, since all that income is just for you, however if it’s a family of 4 where only one is working and maybe another person is receiving and low income, then more chances to get a better/lowcost/free insurance.

*REALLY IMPORTANT TIP When renewing your insurance the income question is going to appear and this question might appear in two different ways, What is going to be the annual income? or the question just straight up ask you where you work, how much you make, where do you work, how are you being paid (weekly, hourly, monthly,etc) and in this question is impossible to lie because almost always if not always at the end of the application they are going to ask you for proof of income, paystubs, company letter, taxreturns. If you are lucky the Annual income question appears first and ALWAYS ALWAYS answer to that one and I’m going to explain why: First in this question you should lie and give a lower amount of what you think is going to be your actual annual income since this question is just asking you for an estimate since is impossible to know with certitude what your annual income is going to be, also when you answer this question for some reason, the other more specific question about income, that I mentioned before where you can lie(where you work, how much you make, where do you work, how are you being paid?), the system just skips it and you don’t have to give details about where you work, how being paid, etc, also at the end of the application the system does not ask you for proof of income.

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*If you are in renewal period but your need your insurance for a little bit longer because you have a really important appointment for lets say, next month, but you already know your income is really high and you are going to lose your insurance, just lie in the income section, give a lower income, after the application is done you are going to be ask for proof of income however they are going to give a deadline and until that deadline expires you are going to have insurance, ill give you an example: Your insurance expires October 31, you renew the insurance lying in the income section, then when the application is finish the system says you need to provide proof of income and the deadline for you to submit those documents is November 12, now you have insurance for a month and a half depending on when you renew.

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