No longer have medicare, but it’s still showing up at the pharmacy that I have it

I was on disability and had medicare until 2019.

I currently have Ahcccs (Arizona medicaid) and my prescriptions are getting denied because I'm apparently still in the medicare system and when they try to run my Ahcccs, it says I have other insurance and to bill medicare, even though it's inactive. The pharmacy says they can't just delete medicare from my billing info, even though I don't have it anymore.

I have spoken to ahcccs, they said to call medicare. I spoke to medicare, they are unable to fix it, told me to talk to social security since I had medicare through my disability. I visited social security, they told me that they can't fix it, medicare has to. Social security did give me a letter saying that I don't have active medicare. But even with that, it's not helping. Everyone I talk to (I've called and physically gone to their offices) tells me that someone else has to fix it. I've tried everything.

I am stuck in Medicare's system. Nobody can fix this. I don't know what to do anymore.

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