Norm For Small Companies to Cover?

hi there! i recently started a job at a small company (about 50 employees) and was surprised to realize that it would be cheaper to stay on obamacare than to take the insurance they’re offering?? i’m curious as to how common this is?? my employer is offering to cover the first $300 a month in california. the only plan that would be cheaper in the end for me is the bronze HMO plan they’re offering, but i would have higher copays with this plan though. every other plan would be more expensive in both copays and monthly costs. when i told the HR person i was declining the coverage, they seemed extremely surprised and were like “the basic plans are usually fine for people who are young and healthy.” it kinda felt like they were saying their benefits are good only if you never need to use them lol.

i only have experience working for large companies that covered almost all of the monthly cost, so i’m wondering how common my situation is.

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