Not exactly a health insurance question but related…

I was taken to the hospital during an emergency and I received some bills that weren't run through insurance. It took like 6 months to finally get free claims properly submitted but I never received a bill from the hospital that had actually been run through insurance. I found out recently that they had been run through insurance but still haven't received the bill.

Anyway it seems like they sent the balance bill to collections before ever sending me a bill that showed what I owed after insurance. What can I do about this? I called every month and they assured me I wouldn't be sent to collections until the insurance claim was submitted.

Do I have any recourse? I called earlier this month and they told me they were still working on submitting the claim so I don't understand why they did this. They were sending balance bills for several months and every time I would call and send my insurance card and have the same convo. For awhile they had the wrong birthday but we finally straightened it out.

I have good credit and I'm afraid having this collections thing on there for years will hurt me.

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