Not sure which plan to enroll in

Hello all!

This year I am looking to enroll for health insurance through the marketplace. I am 27 years old and relatively healthy, with no underlying conditions as of right now. A few months ago, my brother was hospitalized and diagnosed with heart failure at 25 years old due to a TTN gene mutation. I am waiting for results of my own genetic test to come back within the next month. Given everything that happened to him and seeing the costs, I have been extremely paranoid about not having coverage. Thankfully he did, through his employer. The plan I was looking at enrolling in is affordable (~115/month) with a $5,995 deductible and $7000 max out of pocket, the deductible seems high and I’m sure I wouldn’t meet it but just having something would make me feel more comfortable if anything were to ever happen. I am pretty clueless when it comes to what is considered “good” insurance but this plan seems to fit my budget and my doctors are also in network for this plan. It is listed as Aetna Silver CVS health.

If anyone has any advice or insight, I’d love to hear! TIA!!

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