(NY) Erroneous medical bill went to collections- any advice on how to fix?

(NY) Recently a medical bill of mine went to collections as I was in the middle of getting it corrected. BACKGROUND- Every three months, I get the same bloodwork done by the same provider (BioReference). I have had the same health insurance for several years (Cigna). The "before insurance" cost is always around $2,900 and after insurance, I typically pay around $200 for this bloodwork.

In April, I did the same bloodwork, but for some reason BioReference did not bill my insurance (Cigna) correctly, and instead sent me the full bill for $2,900 saying that Cigna had denied the claim. Late June, I get a notice from BioReference that the claim was denied because they didn't have my full insurance information, and that if I sent them my correct insurance information, it would get resubmitted. I resubmitted the insurance information (that they should have already had, it has not changed) and thought they'd sort it out.

Late October, I receive a notice from a debt collector (JP RMP) saying that I owe the full $2,900 to them. This is my first notice from them.

Any recommendations on my course of action? Is it even worth contacting BioReference or Cigna to correct, considering its now in the debt collectors hands? Thank you in advance!

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