NY Marketplace Premium Tax Credit Confusion

Hi all,

I’m located in NY, and will be losing my Medicaid coverage at the end of November due to making too much at an estimated $39,500/year (I’m freelance so it’s not guaranteed but that’s what I’ve calculated through past monthly income).

I was told by a Marketplace person over phone to submit an application starting 10/16 for Dec/next year, which I did today. But I found out in doing so that I’ll only be getting $485 a month for my tax credit for next year, when the marketplace calculator was showing I’d be getting $645 a month for 2024.

When I input my info for 2023 into the calculator, it shows $485/month. Same info but changing the year to 2024 shows $645/month. I’m assuming I’m seeing $485 on my application now because it would start Dec 2023, but will my tax credit be adjusted for the new year? That’s almost $160 a month I’m missing out on.

Let’s say I pick a plan for Dec coverage. Come Dec 1st, can I reapply and hopefully get the 2024 rates? I have chronic issues so I kinda need insurance, and bronze probably wouldn’t cut it for me.


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