[NY State] Just got a new job that offers "real" Health Insurance, but I am on a Medicaid-Level local plan so everything is free. Is there any reason to switch right away? EPO vs HDHP w/ HSA. Many questions from a newbie.


Age: 35, partner 26

12020 Zip Code

New job income, ~30k year

My domestic partner and I are relatively young and healthy but I do receive injection every 8 weeks due to IBD prevention because I had a flare up of colitis twice in my life.

I literally had zero income in 2022, just lived off savings and some cash partner brings in. Will the ability to receive Medicaid go away if I have an income of ~700 a week or ~30,000 a year? When would that kick in?

We are both currently on CDPHP, a upstate NY health insurance, on the medicaid level plan.

I’m leaning towards just getting the entire this “real” insurance package just because it’s all official and included, but is there a time period I should wait?

These are the options they offer and I’m also having a real hard time choosing and any opinions or advice will help me a lot. I think they have someone to talk to about choosing the correct one, but I could always use second opinions.

Empire BCBS $750 EPO Plan

Empire BCBS $2,000 EPO HDHP with a HSA