Office said they took my insurance but then made a mistake and actually didn’t, didn’t figure it out until the 2nd visit.

Chose OB for my wife, she set up appt and told them she had Cigna. Went for the first visit and gave them her card, they scanned it, all was good. Then for the 2nd appt we get a phone call early that morning and they say they don’t take her insurance, if she comes she’ll be charged full amount, etc. WTF is going on? We go talk to them and they say they don’t take Cigna Connect, which is what my wife has. Well, shouldn’t you have figured that out the first time? Now we owe $950 because it was billed not as cash but as “had insurance but we don’t accept it” – not sure what that means but they said it’s more than cash because of that.

The bill is from the office and it lists out the procedures and cost, then at the bottom says “amount covered by insurance = $0)

Anyway, it was their fault they accepted her insurance the first time (lack of attention to detail). Any legal options here? Or just try to talk them down?

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