On disability through private insurance. Just turned 26 and about to lose health insurance. Any help would be appreciated! (Oregon)


I’m in a bit of a weird situation..

I have been on disability (through private insurance.) since 2020, after a Crohn’s disease flare up (caused by COVID) turned into a major surgery, and have been really sick ever since. The job I receive disability benefits through let me go about a year into disability.

I turned 26 this month, and so I will be falling off my parent’s health insurance plan at the end of the month.

And the last detail is that the income I receive through disability insurance is untaxed.

So now my insurance is falling off. I don’t have a job to get health insurance through. And my income is untaxable, which makes my little income not eligible for tax credits through the Health Marketplace. Which is unaffordable without. But I make too much to get medicaid/ OHP.

And since I’m sick and need my meds, and have frequent hospital visits, I unfortunately cannot go without health insurance.

The only thing I’ve thought about doing is saying my income is taxable, taking the tax credits, and hoping that my condition gets better soon so I can eventually pay back those taxes.

IDK. It’s a little rough and I’m very anxious about what’s to come.

Any help/advice would be so so appreciated.

Thank you!

City/State: Portland, OR.

Income: 32,000

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