Outstanding Balance of $734.00 for a New Patient Visit?

Something must be wrong here, or I'm missing something. I'm on UCShip with UCI and just received a bill from MyChart that I have an outstanding balance of $734.00. On the 21st of May, I had a new patient visit at an in-network facility and network. When I set up the appointment and called the insurance to ask about coverage, I was told I only had a $5.00 facility fee. I get there, pay the fee, chat with my doctor, get my prescription refilled, and, on recommendation, do a blood panel. In MyChart, I was billed $488.00 (expensive, but itemization checks out), my insurance covered $275.23, and another $212.77 is pending.

Today, I received an email saying I had a statement posted. I checked it, and it was $734! What!? For a 40-minute max appointment? I have no idea where this charge came from. I sent the network a message, and since it's the weekend, I haven't been able to call yet. Does anyone know what this is? As a full-time student supporting myself, this is not a charge I am prepared for, and I'm freaking out. At this point, it feels like it's cheaper to just die. A simple doctor's appointment costing this much is criminal.

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