PCP wants me to schedule a separate follow up appt… is this just a $$$ move?

I am a relatively healthy 33F with a PCP and a GYN. The PCP I’ve had for a couple years has been prescribing the SSRI that I have been taking for 5+ years to manage my depression. It is well managed and I have zero interest in changing my medication regimen at this time.

The office must have rec’d an auto request from my by mail pharmacy for a refill of the medication and called me, requesting that I make an appointment since I haven’t been seen in nearly a year (at my last annual physical, in March). Okay, no problem. I made an appt through the EMR for a physical mid-March, when I am eligible again through insurance.

I then messaged them, sharing that I made the appt for the physical and will that suffice so I can continue to receive my maintenance medication (which, by the way, is dangerous to just stop taking cold turkey) until then?

The MAs answer: “Dr X would like to see you in the next two weeks to discuss anxiety and depression, she has not seen you in a year. During the Physical there isn't much time to discuss that as well other topics. Please call our office for an appt.”

Jokes on her, someone in the office validated the RX and it’s coming to me now so I will have more than enough to last me through the spring…. but what the hell? I get that an annual is not the time to be discussing a plethora of new or complicated health concerns, but this is a maintenance medication for a condition I have had for years and is, in fact, the ONLY thing I need from her. I have a GYN who manages my other meds and does my internal exams. I have never once set foot in her office for illness because the couple of times I have needed something, she is unable to accommodate so I wind up going to urgent care. Not to mention my physical is in 6 weeks! It’s not like it’s months away. I think I will be doing some “traveling” in the next two weeks and unable to make an additional appt.

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She is okay as far as PCPs go, I don’t love her but I don’t need much from her so it’s never been worth switching, but this situation is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. It’s like she wants me to go out of my way & waste my time to come in for no reason other than to be able to bill for a separate visit. Just bill for it on the same visit then, I don’t care! It makes me not want to even bother with a physical next year since it just seems pointless.

The whole situation plus a long, frustrating day at work just has me all fired up, leading to this post- I guess I’m just looking for those who can commiserate, or perhaps offer a different perspective than $$ being the reason behind this.

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