Laser Hair Removal Reimbursement Question

I've got a toughie here. The practice I work for offers a variety of gender affirming services including laser hair removal. These are all covered by law in my state. The practice, facilities, and all the doctors are in-network with a variety of insurances but the estheticians aren't credentialed.

The estheticians offer LHR but management is vehement that they cannot be credentialed due to no NPI and will not allow them to be. The thing is they are employees of the practice, not independently contracted. Because they're not credentialed, management will not allow us to bill LHR to insurance and claim that patients have to pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement directly from their insurance.

I've been speaking to a lot of network reps for insurances and trying to find more info elsewhere but there's not a whole lot out there since coverage for this service is pretty new. What I've gathered is that as long as the esthetician is employed by our in-network practice, we must bill it to insurance under the practice's credentials and reimburse the patient ourselves. Is this true? I want to bring it up to management but they will wave me off if I don't have something more solid.

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