Posted about helicopter ride a few days ago- If it was just a broken foot why did they need to airlift him from Mexico to Arizona?

A lot of people are wondering and I’m curious to know now to. To give you some more info he was black out drunk going around trying to start fights. I stopped him and told him he needed to go back to the hotel room and to sleep it off. I even asked him what’s up? Something is bother you but he didn’t answer. Once he got into the hotel room he tried fighting our other roommate in there for no reason. I tried breaking it up and before I knew it he jumped off the hotel balcony.

Luckily we were on the 2nd floor but it was still a nasty fall. He layed there lifeless until the paramedics came. I never saw him again till we returned home but heard he had to be airlifted back to Tucson. Arizona from Puerto Penasco. He was on crutches for months with some screws and it took him a while to walk properly without them so maybe that’s where the helicopter ride was justified. Maybe they had better doctors who could operate on it in the US to.

I never really thought about the helicopter cost nor did he probably, we were 20 years old. I never asked him either but he got into more trouble with the law after that incident. I won’t go into detail but he got a misdemeanor charge and had to move out of our apartment. I’m sure that medical bill was weighing over him.

I don’t know if this explanation helps but hey, I’m trying to figure it out to.

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