Hi, it’s open enrollment at my job and I would like to ask for some advice choosing a plan. I usually get the HMO plan with an FSA, but this year my employer is contributing $2,500 for the HSA and the premium is $25 cheaper for the year than the HMO. The deductible is $3000, so I would be paying $500 of my own money for the deductible.

However, I have several specialist visits (at least 5), labs (at least 4) tests a year and my prescriptions are very expensive if I pay out of pocket (it may be $1200 a month just for my monthly ones). Paying full price before reaching the deductible max is scary to me.

Also, once I do cross the deductible and benefits kick in, it’s $10 more per doctor visit on the ppo Hsa and coinsurance is 20% on labs while labs are free on the HMO.

I don’t make that much money so I want to go with the more cost effective method. I do have savings to borrow from before I can pay myself back with the employer contributed accrued Hsa funds, but it’ll be issue if I leave my job before I accrue enough to cover what was spent already.

Do you think it’s still better to go with the PPO HSA over HMO in my case?

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