Preventive care laboratory test Bills denied by insurance

My wife has her insurance provider Blue Advantage Administrators of Arkansas. She works remotely from Texas for a company based in Arkansas. She went to a health provider in 2022 and again in 2023 for her annual physical exam. This provider sent her lab works to LabCrop. We received bills for her lab works ($600 for 2022 october and then $800 for 2023 may) from labcrop. Upon checking with insurance provider’s portal, we saw that the lab test claims from labcrop were denied by the insurance provider. My wife have been calling the insurance, then lab crop and then the health care provider multiple times. It feels like we are stuck in a loop. The health care provider sends a new set of codes to lab crop and the lab crop sending it to the insurance. We have not seen any updates on the insurance portal. We got a second notice from labcrop that the bills will be sent to collection if my wife does not pay it.

Did anybody have such issues before? or if you know how to resolve it, we would appreciate any information on this.

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