Purchasing health care insurance for my 3 year old

My son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with a genetic condition where he cannot walk. He has only this physical disability.

We live in California and our gross income is approximately $150,000. We have Kaiser coverage ( through my wife ) we do not pay anything for it as she is an employee. I work for Sutter and get similar benefits which come included with my job.

The Kaiser network is horrible for any care that requires specialists. They failed to diagnose my son even after their genetic testing showed the information needed to diagnose my son.

Sutter is similar. They do not have many specialists and care is sub par.

That being said I switched my plan to PPO through sutter which is costing me $350/month for my family. Only my son benefits from it as we were able to go out of network to UCSF and Stanford to get apporiate answers and care.

The sutter PPO does not provide any thing besides being able to go out of network. All other fees and deductibles are very high and there are no options to change that.

I’m looking for any suggestions on health insurance that would allow me to be able to continue to go to other institutions for care as well as providing benefits on obtaining appropriate devices for my sons mobility for school.

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