Qualifying Life Event but still a gap in coverage?!

Looking for some help.

I had an individual plan through covered CA. They emailed me on 1/15 telling me my plan is going to cancel as of the renewal date, 2/15. They are terminating the plan and gave no option for another plan.

At the same time, I am also moving and I changed employers, all within a few weeks of each other, so I have several QLEs.

My plan cancels 2/15. I filled out my application for new individual coverage and submitted it today, just a few days before the termination date (had a medical issue and just couldn’t get it done earlier). But now, my new application for insurance says coverage won’t be in effect until 3/1.

I will have a 15 day gap in coverage, is there anyway to fix this? I sent in my QLE documentation, but from everything I can find online, coverage doesn’t go in effect as of the life event…just automatically goes in as of the 1st of the following month. is there anything I can do to avoid this gap?! With these medical issues I’m having right now, I am very concerned about these 2 weeks with no insurance!!

Any recommendations would be appreciated!!