Quest Diagnostics Unexpected Bill

Hi, I am a permanent resident in Canada and I am currently in the US, staying at my friend’s house, for an extended vacation. I don’t have any insurance here in the US.

I visited minute clinic to get a TB skin test and a Titer Test for rubella, rubeola, and mumps a week ago. I paid upfront using my credit card and I remember that I opted out for automatic billing.

So I paid my bill at minute Clinic, $39 for the TB skin test and another $59 which I thought would be the payment for my Titer test.

I just received a bill from Quest Diagnostics that I owe them $493.81. Rubella – $76.49 Rubeola – $136.10 Mumps – $132.74 Laboratory Testing (what the heck is this?) – $148.48

Will I get in trouble if I just ignore this bill? I’m about to go back to Canada and I believe that Minute Clinic have scanned my driver’s license. I don’t think they have my social insurance number, but they have my full name and address in Canada.

Should I just pay this bill? Is this negotiable? I

I understand now how frustrating healthcare is in the US for uninsured residents. It’s terrible.