Question about extent of HIPPA while on parents insurance

Without giving out too much information, I’m in a sorta weird situation. Through my life I have never had to deal with insrance directly so I have no idea how it works or if I can use it the way I want to. Basicaly I am on my mothers insurance, BCBS she gets as a state employee. I know HIPA is pretty strong and as a adult I have certain protections. But I am attempting to see a doctor about a personal issue and get a prescription. I looked up and I do think it on the list they cover. My intention was to pay for the visit out of pocket but maybe use the insurance for the script.

So a couple things. I’m looking into it but truth be told I am not 100% the process to use the insrance with the new script,,but my big question is, if I use the insurance forthis, is there any way for it to come back to my family that I did it/have the script? For the time being it is very important that they do not know, at least at the begginig

Does anyone know? If it cant be helped Ill find a way to pay without but it is pretty important they not find out until at least min Id say 6 months. Thank you for your time, I appreciate any insight I can get on the topic

Editedto add, if it matters, I am 32 m, 27804, income is around 10k maybe less right now, I was forced to leave my long lasting job where I had take home 25-30k recently and Im the process to restore everything…so Id just been doing a low paying local job part time