I don’t know too much about insurances but I have a question regarding Medicaid. So my husband lost his job about 2 years ago and so he lost his benefits and has been doing like freelance and contract jobs since so there’s no benefits with that. So we ended up getting Medicaid for us and our son and we have had different kinds of Medicaid like we had Aetna and now we have Simply. So far I’ve experienced two different dr offices where I was trying to make an Appt and was planning on paying out of pocket if they didn’t take Medicaid but when I told them I had Medicaid when they asked they then tell me they can’t see me at all even as self pay. I’ve never heard of that and I even asked my mom and she’s never heard of that. It just doesn’t make sense to me because what if I told them I didn’t even have insurance and I just paid out of pocket? Would they be able to find out that I did have Medicaid and then tell me they can no longer see me? I guess Medicaid is different than other insurances I’m just finding it hard to find a place that actually takes it and then if they don’t they can actually still see me as self pay.

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