Question about paying back tax credit.

So i finally made enough to get a good plan this year( 2023) . Previously i fell in the cracks of not making enough for a tax credit but also not living in a state that expanded medicaid. Anyways.

I got a plan for $5 a month. It has a $0 deductible, no charge for pcp or specialist and a 1300 out of pocket. I was stoked.

Well now ive been offered FT at work. And that will come with an offer of insurance that sucks. Will be $90 a month and covers nothing except preventitive till i meet my 3k deductible.

I cant turn down the offer though. Ill double my income to 32k a year. But i havent been to a dr in years becauae of cost. As far as i know i dont have any health issues. I rarely get sick.

So ill be going ft in feb or march.

But when i do and report that to and that im offered ins. Ill lose my tax credit and marketplace ins.

I want to goto my pcp right away beginning of the year and get whatever labs and stuff done i can in case i got something major.

But will i have to pay Back the first 2 months of tax credit? Its like $595 i qualified for. Or will they know i wasnt signed up for insurance at work those months? What aboit income? Ill report that but if i wasnt making that much at the beginning of the uear how does that work?