Seeking Advice: Insurance Coverage for Additional Transport Mileage?

Hey everyone,

I've got a question about my insurance coverage for transportation to appointments and was hoping to get some insight or similar experiences. My insurance covers transportation for appointments, and due to my disability, using services like Uber isn't the easiest for me. As a result, a family member kindly travels 30 miles one way to help me, especially since the majority of my appointments are near their house.

The preauthorized form I have includes my address, the family member's address, and the doctor's appointment address. However, I'm unsure if the insurance would cover the mileage required for picking me up, dropping me off, and then the return trip for my family member.

Do you think it's reasonable to expect the insurance to cover this additional mileage for transport, including the return trip for my family member? Has anyone else had a similar situation or any tips on how to navigate this with the insurance provider?

Appreciate any advice or thoughts on this. Thanks!

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