Seeking advice on an odd health insurance situation.

I’ve worked for the same Virginia based company for almost 4 years now through which I have health insurance. About 2 years ago, the company went fully remote and I moved to Washington state. However, since my company is still not registered to employ workers in Washington state, I have my official address listed as my parents place in Virginia. This means that I still pay Virginia state taxes even though I am a Washington resident but it also means that my address on my health insurance is also listed as a Virginia address. Honestly, I’ve been hesitant to utilize my health insurance at all since I moved because I’m concerned that my address showing as a Virginia address could prompt questions and may be a bigger problem than I realize so I just avoid it altogether. I’ve been attempting to get my company to register to employee people in Washington for a while now but they are dragging their feet about it for some reason. Does anyone know if this is actually a big issue that I should be concerned about or am I overthinking it? Any helpful information or advice would be greatly appreciated because I’d like to be able to use my insurance regularly again!