Hi all, Looking for some idea of where to go next…

We were billed incorrectly for my son’s birth (billed separately for him outside of mom’s insurance despite Anthem policy saying he should be billed under me for everything related to his birth).

We finally got it corrected by Anthem after they went back and forth with the hospital on getting it refiled correctly. We now have gotten a notice from Medicredit that we owe $4k based on the original filing. Despite sending them the $0 EOB, they have denied our claim and are saying we owe the $4k.

The hospital told us it’s out of their hands and we have to deal with medicredit. But medicredit sent us a copy of the original hospital bill as “proof” of why we still owe the money.

Does anyone know where we should start from here? Go back to Anthem and get them to contact medicredit? See if the hospital will create a new $0 bill?

If anyone has dealt with this or has any ideas, I’d really appreciate the help!

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