Short term insurance and pre-existing illness Help!

So i recently turned 26, had a lot of things going on when my dad's insurance kicked me out.

I started to see psychiatrist for ADHD, but ofc, they don't take health insurance.

The psychiatrist wanted me to get the blood work done (March), so i did it but it was before I signed up for short term insurance. And I don't know what I was thinking, i put my short term insurance information for the blood work.

I got some meds prescribed, billed it to insurance twice- once picked up, (April), the other one is still waiting for me at the pharmacy (may).

So the health insurance found out my "previous illness", saying that the blood work won't be covered. they didn't specify if they are going to terminate my coverage or whatever, but i'm wondering if I should stil pick up my medication that I've billed to, or just use Goodrx.

Idk if they are going to ask me to payback for the March prescription.

The timeline is pretty confusing so here we go:

March: appointment for ADHD, blood work done, still under dad's insurance

April: purchased short term insurance, picked up prescription that I billed to insurance, also put short term health insurance information for blood work.

May: short term insurance "found out" my "previous illness" bc i billed my bloodwork to them, billed to insurance for prescription but haven't picked up yet.


1) will they ask me to pay back whatever they covered for my april prescription?

2) will they terminate the coverage?

3) Should I use goodrx for the current prescription?

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