Short term insurance, is it right for me?

Hi all, I’m a foreigner traveler visiting US and I had a traveling insurance(from my country) for 2 months, but I decided to stay in California for another 3 months to study in a short term school. I didn’t plan to stay for additional 3 months before I travel abroad, so the plan I got is only for 2 months and now I’m not covered by any medical insurance. (The school doesn’t provide one for short term classes) I’m fairly healthy and don’t have any medical conditions, so the insurance is only for worst case scenarios like a car crash or accidents. Right now I’m looking at Health ProtectorGuard Choice Value Plan by United Healthcare. No network, $0 deductible. $78.95 per month. Here’s the brochure. IDK, seems too good to be true for that price…? This is my first time dealing with insurance myself, so I’m worried if I missed anything important. Can anyone help see if this plan suits me? Thanks!!

Edit: Apparently short term insurance is not legal in California! (Gosh how did I miss that?!) So… right now I’m at loss, any recommendation is appreciated!