Should I switch out of medi-cal and pay more for better insurance even though I am unemployed?

Have Medi-Cal and for the most part it is fine for the basic things and if you don’t really have medical concerns. But I got a hiatal hernia and LPR and started seeing doctors and the problems are really starting to surface. There are too many things to mention but suffice it to say care is subpar and logistics are much more tedious than anything I have ever experienced with the healthcare system. My options in Los Angeles were LA Care and another one I don’t recall, but people seemed to complain more about the other one on Reddit so I went with LA Care.

I now want to consider getting a surgery to get my hiatal hernia repaired and possibly get a LINX or Stretta procedure. I am doubting doctors on LA Care provide this and other newer or advanced procedures but can look around more. Is it true doctors are paid much less on Medi-Cal LA Care? I definitely need a decent skilled surgeon for this kind of surgery as the experience matters significantly. I bet it will cost a lot more to choose my own insurance though as I have an existing medical concern and require surgery.

Has anyone had experience with similar?

See also says I am not eligible for medicaid but it keeps auto-renewing every year