i am current in open enrollment through my employer and am debating between the silver and gold level plans. my current medical costs are therapy sessions once a week ($120/visit pre-deductible, $30/visit post deductible), dermatologist office visits every other month ($140-$175 pre-deductible, $35-$45 post deductible), and am on 3 tier 1 prescriptions for acne that are around $30/month post deductible.

silver: $45 per pay period, HSA eligible

-$1500 deductible -$3800 oop max -75% coinsurance on everything including office visits and prescriptions

gold: $112 per pay period

-$800 deductible -$3600 oop max -75% coinsurance -office visits: $25 copay, specialist $40 -mental health outpatient visit: $25 -tier 1 prescriptions: $10/30 day supply

i see the benefit in each but i’m not sure if the cost savings of silver substantial enough with the amount of medical costs i have.

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