My company switched insurance providers this year, effective Oct 1. We had Kaiser, and now we have United Healthcare. HR just sent out an email, 10/15, stating that we are supposed to go get an EOB from Kaiser that shows our prior deductible and send it to United so it can be applied for the rest of the year. And that it also may take up to 50 days to be applied. My deductible with Kaiser was $1500, which I had not even put a dent in. The new plan with United I chose has NO deductible. I’m already paying the new premium, but HR is claiming that deductibles are on a calendar year period and we have to finish paying the old deductible from the old Kaiser plan before our new deductible goes into effect in January with our new plan on United. I have heard of scenarios of REQUESTING that your prior deductible payments get applied to your new plan if you switch mid-year so that it would benefit you, but I’ve never heard of having to pay the whole old deductible as a mandate before… and I feel like since we already started with our new plan and new carrier that our new deductible should be in effect??? So I’ve lost the Kaiser coverage I had September 30th and now I have to jump through hoops to pay $1500 on a no deductible United plan that’s already started??? And why are they saying the employees would have to obtain proof of this from Kaiser to give it to United?? if they can so easily enforce this and apply why can’t they just get it themselves??? what happens if I don’t do it? How would United even know what my old deductible was if they don’t have some sort of process of obtaining it themselves? Maybe I have just not experienced this before or noticed it, but is anyone else familiar with this?

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