Hi all! Kind of weird situation here, please bear with me. I left my job on April 7 and started a new job April 10. I hated the new job and went back to my old job this past Tuesday. Today I was told by my current employer that I can either keep my benefits as is and just make it a “vacation” of sorts and my coverage would continue as normal. Everything I’ve paid into my deductible so far stays ($664 out of $3k). I also have another option. I can cancel benefits and return as a “new employee” which would allow me to enroll in short term disability coverage. I was dumb and declined when I started and it’s been a pain trying to enroll with their underwriters ever since. I am planning on becoming pregnant in 2024 so this would help. My deductible would start over if I took this route, though. My question is, does anyone know if STD coverage for a new employee is guaranteed in IL? Otherwise I run the risk of losing what I’ve paid into my deductible so far. Also, I was only gone a week but I have applied for STD in the past at this company. Are they going to deny me just based on that? I do have medical history of depression which makes it hard to get this coverage. Thank you!!