Two weeks ago I went to go get tested because I had anal discharge. The doctor at urgent care only had me do an anal swab and not check all the places (oral, anal, and urine). I thought it was weird but he said it was for insurance reasons. The results came back two days later as all negative.

I went back the following week (on a Thursday) because my urethra was SUPER itchy. This time it was a different doctor and I did a urine test. I expected the results to return after two days but instead it came the following Monday (today). I’m the urgent care portal, it says “A urine culture transport was received with no test indicated”.

Now that makes it sound like my sample made it to the lab, but there was no indication of what to test for.

When I went back to urgent care today to ask about this, they claimed it’s because I did another STD test so soon and my insurance wouldn’t pay for it. It just doesn’t make sense for the sample to get there but not be tested at all.

Is this common? Or did the urgent care fuck up and they’re trying to cover their ass?

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