suddenly not eligible for tax credit?

I have been using the premium tax credit for my insurance the past two years with no issues, I think my monthly was about 30-20$, I just had to switch insurers this enrollment period b/c the silver plan I was on was going to go up to like 50$ a month and wasn't going to cover my main doctor anymore.

Nothing really changed, I made a bit more this summer due to an internship at my university this summer, but I am still well under the limit to be eligible. I'm a full time student and typically make only about 10-15k a year in my side job, school is being paid for with scholarships and pell grant with loans being used if I need extra for life expenses

I'm suddenly told I owe the new insurance 300+ a month with no tax credit assistance, I filed an appeal but still haven't gotten the response in the mail, it says there is an informal resolution but no change has come to my marketplace account and I'm still getting emails about paying the new premium. The only things that have changed are my extra job doing work-study research at the school, (not enough to take me over the income limit) and I picked a bronze plan this time.

Anyone else had something like this happen? or know what I could have done/not done that caused this? super confused and more than a little stressed over this, I'm not gonna be able to afford that 300$ a month even with the extra hours I'm getting from the school

thanks in advance for any insight you have

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