Suggestions on cost-effective Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) plan for single male?

Hey – single male in early 40s looking for advice on selecting a health plan. Live in the Washington D.C. area (northern Virgiina) and for the past few years have had Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic (Self – 111) as my health care plan – a plan I'd switched to from the higher cost M.D. IPA. Very satisfied with the plan – especially with the Tivity Fitness benefit that's given my flexibility with gym memberships and the Wellness Incentive Program reimbursements, which essentially amounts to 10% cash back on the biweekly premiums I pay (upon completion of the annual program goals).

But just curious if there better options out there in terms of balance between low-cost and coverage in case of unexpected surgery needs? The two that stand out to me here are Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic and but also some of the Kaiser Permanente plans, given the low premiums there combined with coverage for inpatient surgery. But Kaiser would've required I switch out all of my current doctors, which I'm not interested in doing.

I'm very healthy (haven't needed surgery in nearly 15 years) and only see my PCP once or twice a year, though I do have specialist doctors I see ~5-7 times a year combined and a handful of mostly low-cost medications I take regularly.

So just wondering if within the FEHB plans there's something that might be worth taking a look at outside the BCBS Basic Plan although, again, I've generally been satisfied with that plan…

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