Supposedly ACA-compliant insurance is charging me for anesthesia for sterilization surgery

I got a laparoscopic bilateral salpingectomy July 21. The anesthesiologists, pathologist, and surgical center have billed my insurance while my OB/GYN has not yet. The operating room fee was written off because the surgery center didn’t seek preauth (even though my OBGYN’s office confirmed with the preauth department that it wasn’t needed), and the anesthesiology bills (identical amounts for two doctors who were there) are covered at the normal rate even though, as it was an encounter for elective female sterilization, it should have been fully covered per the ACA. I live in Ohio and have Anthem BCBS Blue Access PPO. Could some of these charges be altered or drop off once Anthem gets the bill for the surgery itself and sees they should be covered 100%? I confirmed with multiple representatives that my policy is ACA-compliant and that, therefore, any related costs with my sterilization surgery are covered at 100%. The code for a bisalp is listed in my coverage booklet under preventative services for women. I am a 29-year-old female (obviously) in Northeast Ohio.

EDIT: Update 08/17/22 – After a bit of prodding they have adjusted the claims and I now owe nothing for the anesthesia! I had gotten a message in my Message Center yesterday on the online portal about my deductible not being reached yet so clarified to the live chat agent about the laws. It was fixed.