Switching from Cobra to Covered CA

Hi! I got laid off last year and started Cobra on 3/31. I didn't understand at the time if I had an option to go with Covered CA or if I would qualify. My income was higher last year due to the months of working and severance payout.

My Cobra continues through 9/30. At $720 per month, it's one of my biggest expenses and has become untenable. UI has run out and my projected income this year is very different than last year. At this point I would qualify for the Silver Enhanced plan.

Although the lack of work is not a new event, the economic hardship has increased since I did not expect to be unemployed this long — Is there any way that I can switch from Cobra to Covered CA or do I have to continue to the end of the plan? As the plan is month by month, is the end of each month considered loss of coverage? Should I just try applying and see if they accept?

If I must continue, I understand I can apply 60 days before (7/30). How soon after I apply could Covered CA coverage take over?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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