Hello all,

I recently found out that my university health insurance has been denying all the claims for my exams/services over this past year after becoming the primary provider in comparison to the state-sponsored insurance I have had for the past 4 years. I'm being told I'm liable for all the collections/debt being owed but I never got a notification my claims were being denied in the first place. In fact, the clinic I would be seen at said everything was alright and when I called in a few days ago they said when the primary gets denied it will just move on to the secondary.

I was told by the state-sponsored insurance I could download the denial explanations from my university insurance provider and send it to the state-sponsored to get them to back-pay these claims.

I was also told by the university insurance that I could contact my doctors/clinics directly to send the claims through the university and they would be able to back-pay that way, which seems much harder and less achievable.

I really would appreciate any help because this is just horrifying to me, I had absolutely no knowledge that this was happening and the university health insurance is being difficult to work with. Thank you.

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