The Birth of My Son Is Not A Qualifying Event?

Hey there,

I currently work remotely in California for a software company based in Chicago. My son was born July 18th and I spoke with my HR rep to see if I could enroll in the company's medical insurance and add my son as well.

I was told the following: "I can't find any records of your current enrollment in [Company's] medical insurance plan. Consequently, it means that you won't be able to include your son in our coverage at this time. However, you do have the option to enroll both yourself and any dependents during the open enrollment period, which will take effect starting January 1st. Of course, if you encounter any other qualifying events related to your benefits in the interim (for instance, if you were to lose your current benefits coverage), we could assist you in enrolling effective from that particular date."

To my understanding, since I'm not currently enrolled in their insurance plan, the birth of my son doesn't count as a qualifying event?

I'm currently enrolled under my father's company's insurance since I'm under 26, so would I have to be dropped from that coverage to get coverage at the company I work for?

I feel embarrassed to say, but my knowledge of insurance is not much and I'm barely stepping foot in this world so any help on how to move forward is appreciated.

Thank you.

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